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CETG Programme for 2022


In 2022, CETG introduced some changes to the format of its programme of talks, with online talks in the winter months.  During the summer, Monday evening in-person meetings at Tylers Green Village Hall will begin at 7.30pm. The winter Zoom talks take place at the usual Monday date and time of 7.30pm.  Our AGM will take place on a Saturday afternoon at Tylers Green Village Hall at 2.30pm.  Please note that some talks may be subject to change  – and will be updated once confirmed.


Monday 10th January "All Stitched Up" online talk

by Janet Edmonds

Hand stitch ranges from the priceless and exquisite decoration for the rich and famous to the humble, practical mend in a functional item and everything in between.  This talk explores the breadth of hand stitching and considers examples that have been shown to improve well-being. Janet will show some favourite pieces that have inspired her and helped her through some difficult times.

Read about Janet's talk here.

Monday 14th February ‘My textile journey from then to now’ Online talk

by Emily Notman

Emily will talk about her journey to becoming a maker, her processes and what she has learnt along the way.  Read about Emily's talk here.


Monday 14th March ‘The Needle's Art' Online talk

by Dr Lynn Hulse of Ornamental Embroidery

Contemporary hand embroidery inspired by an early Tudor pattern book.  Dr Lynn Hulse, Co-founder of Ornamental Embroidery, explores the provenance of the early Tudor herbal and bestiary, MS Ashmole 1504, and the contemporary needlework project inspire by it: The Needle's Art, currently on display in the Bodleian Library, Oxford ( Dating from c.1520, the manuscript was probably conceived as a pattern book for a variety of decorative media, including wall painting, stained glass, painted cloths and embroidery. Many of the objects in the exhibition are closely related to the original images while others are more liberal in their interpretation of the designs. The Needle’s Art features a selection of hand-embroidered items, from sewing accoutrements, books covers and domestic furnishings to garments and accessories, worked in a variety of materials and stitch techniques.  Read about Lynn's talk here.


Monday 11th April ‘Making the Mundane Marvellous’

by Kate Gwilliam

A talk about recreating everyday objects, particularly focused on food and drink, in embroidery and sequins.  Kate Gwilliam is the Queen of Sequins, re-creating everyday objects in perfect detail out of embroidered sequins. This can range from the delightful friend Larry the Lobster to a packet of salt. Working entirely by hand and by hand guided machine each piece is a work of art.  Read about our first in-person talk since the pandemic here.



Monday 9th May 

Social evening for members and visitors

In place of the regular talk by a textile artist, the May meeting was a social get-together, where we met up for a chat and could try out three different techniques which we could use in future stitching projects.   Members brought their flags for the bunting to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, which will be finished and displayed at the June meeting.  Read about our meeting here.


Monday 13th June 'Buckinghamshire Lacemaking'

by Risboro’ Lacemakers

A local group of lacemakers came to talk to us about the traditional Buckinghamshire craft of lacemaking, the local history of the craft and the basics of how it all works. There was a chance to see a live demonstration plus an opportunity for the audience to have a go at making some lace themselves.  Read more about Buckinghamshire lacemaking here.

Monday 11th July ‘Finding my way in Stitch’

by Viki Jenkins

An overview of Viki’s journey in hand embroidery and stitch, with a focus on studying with the RSN on their certificate course and studying handbag design making at LCF.  You can read more about Viki's journey with textiles here.


Monday 8th August ‘Introduction to Macramé’

by Amy Rose Collins

Join Amy to learn about the art of macramé. Hear about the history of the craft, how she came to find her calling, and try out some knots for yourself! It’s ‘knot’ to be missed!  Read about our evening with Amy here.



Monday 12th September ‘Hand Spinning and Natural Dyeing’

by Gilly Pusey

Gilly explains the process of spinning wool from fleece to yarn and brings a spinning wheel for a demonstration. This is followed by a brief history of spinning and natural dyeing methods using plant dyes, with a selection of different yarns to see. Read more about Gilly's work and methods here.


Saturday 22nd October at 2.30pm

Annual General Meeting to be followed by

‘Talking Kimono - Cautionary Tales on Kimono’

by Deanna Tyson

From Climate Change to Equal Rights, Deanna uses her narrative kimono to tell stories and open discussions.  She regards her work as ‘art on a moving canvas’. She uses the form of kimono, which simply means 'a thing to wear', both because it is simple in shape and because it offers her many surfaces on which to unfold her stories. Deanna’s choice of materials and the techniques  adopted for each kimono reflect the themes of the kimono.  Recent works, created in and around the period of Lockdown, reflect her current and ongoing world concerns.  Read more here.


Monday 14th November Online talk


by Angie Hughes

A new talk by the talented Angie Hughes which focused on the way artists use pattern in their work, how to extract pattern from photos and designs, and how quilters and embroiderers extend design into fabric and stitch.  Angie showed us some beautiful images and gave us many inspiring ideas to translate into stitched work.   Read more here.


Monday 12th December Online talk

'Bitesized' by Joanna O'Neill

A talk about Journal Quilts: their origin and how they have spread, and Joanna's own JQs made for the Contemporary Quilt Group, for magazines, and for charity. Some are quiltlings and some embroideries, but all are definitely bite-sized! Read here about Joanna's journal quilts with the stories behind them.

Image for Janet Edmonds

Photo: 'Ann Howden, Jacket detail Silk and metal threads with silk appliqué and beads on a silk ground, 2020'.

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