An easy way to find out more about us is to listen to our members talking enthusiastically about CETG on Wycombe Sound Radio - Michaela Matza in August 2019, and Deborah Saunders in January 2017. 





Members of CETG embrace not only traditional hand and machine embroidery, but also more innovative and experimental techniques, mixed media, quilting, patchwork, beadwork, felting, natural dyeing, printing, and 3D work.


Joining CETG
Our annual fee is £55. If you would rather pay as you come to the meetings, the cost is £25 plus £3 each meeting.
The student fee is £25. If you wish to come along to a meeting as a non-member, the cost is £5.

Our Meetings
Our programme includes many highly regarded speakers - textiles artists, lecturers, authors, curators, and seasoned travellers with a passion for stitching. We hear about their lives and work, their current projects, the techniques and processes they use, and what inspires them. Often they bring artwork or books for us to see, touch and discuss after their talk. 

Our Workshops
Throughout the year, several workshops are organised by a mixture of members and visiting specialists. These days are a great opportunity to learn new skills and enjoy creative time together. 

Our Stitching Groups
We currently have two stitching groups. The aim is for small groups of members to meet regularly in each other's homes to share skills and ideas, and get to know each another while doing some stitching. 

Our Outings
Group outings to the annual Knitting and Stitching Show, and other textile exhibitions are planned by CETG each year. 

Our Library
At every meeting, volunteers set up our library of books and DVDs. This is a fantastic resource for all CETG members.

Deborah Saunders - January 2017
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Michaela Matza - August 2019
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