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CETG online talk 14th November 2022

Angie Hughes – Pattern

It was lovely that Angie Hughes had accepted an invitation from CETG to give us a Zoom talk.  Angie’s chosen subject was “Pattern”, a talk that she’d developed over time, including the period that included Covid lockdowns. 


Angie introduced her talk by speaking about the comfort of repetition, especially in Lockdown when lists, repetition and day to day routines became even more important for feeling safe, mental health and wellbeing. Angie spoke of the way that the brain is hard wired to recognise pattern and to research by Hannah Fry on pareidolia when the brain identifies faces where they do not exist!  This episode of “The Curious Cases of Rutherford and Fry” will explain this further!


We were treated to some wonderful images of pattern in nature; the beauty of animal skins, the nanostructure of butterfly scales and the appeal of fern leaves.  Angie referred to the work of the Italian mathematician Fibonacci and the glorious examples of the sequence he identified in nature, illustrated here.


Man made patterns are not to be overlooked, although we may well do just that as we rush around in our busy lives.  The beauty of brick paving, walls, a chain link fence, and many other incidental examples are there to be enjoyed if we take the time ……


Angie referred us to artists who use/used pattern in their work, including the textile artist Matthew Harris, Andy Warhol, Yayoi Kusami**, Keith Haring, M.C. Escher and the German textile artist renowned for her weaving, Anni Albers.


A number of designers have given Angie food for thought in her own work, including Lucienne Day and her contemporary Robert Stewart, the Finnish designers of Marimekko, Irish fashion designer Orla Kiely and Jane Churchill.


Finally, Angie spoke about how books are another useful source of inspiration.  Here are a some of her favourites;

The Elements of Design; Noel Riley

The Textile Design Book; Karin Jerstorp

Principles of Pattern Design; Richard M Proctor

Textile Design; Lucienne Day

Designing with Pattern; Jan Messent

From Art to Stitch; Janet Edmonds

From Print to Stitch; Janet Edmonds


We very much enjoyed Angie’s talk and look forward to seeing her again soon, hopefully in person!


** “Yayou Kusami; You, me and the Balloons”, a Factory International exhibition will be open to the public in Manchester from 30th June until 28th August 2023.  Booking NOW. 



Words © Sue Robinson/November 2022


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