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CETG Programme for 2021

There will be no live talks due to the Coronavirus. However all talks will take place on-line via Zoom at the same date as the original meeting. The meeting will start at 7.30pm and the lecture at 7.45pm.

Links will be sent to members and Visitors are welcome to join the virtual evening for £5. Please contact Pirkko Soundy to arrange this at



Monday 11th January
“Show & Tell” by the

CETG Hand Stitching Groups

CETG currently has three Hand Stitching groups which meet in members

houses on a regular basis. All three groups produce some incredible work

but operate in very different ways. Each group showed work carried out

by members and talked about what they gain from these meetings. 

Read about our talented members' work here.



Monday 8th February
“Stripes, Braids and Duck Tails” by Pirkko Soundy


All Nordic countries have strong traditions in National Costumes. In this

talk I will take you for a journey charting the history of Finnish National

Costumes. We will begin from the 18th and 19th century origins of Finnish

folk dress, journey through the beginning of the 20th century when what

once were the Sunday best clothes for country folk developed into

recognized National Costumes. Finally, we will also look at how these

traditional clothes have found their place in the 21st century. We will also

examine examples of costumes and the different techniques that go into

making these colourful garments and find how stripes, braids and duck tails

all help to make these costumes special.  Read more about Pirkko's talk here.




Monday 8th March

“Landmarks” by Sue Nicholls

An exploration in stitch of the natural and manmade elements in a landscape

that combine to give it familiarity and sense of place. The process of turning

sketches, photographs and observations into a body of work using a variety

of materials and techniques.  Read more about Sue's talk here.

Monday 12th April

“Journey into the Unconventional”

by Jessica Grady


Jessica is a mixed media embroidery artist who utilises waste and

unconventional materials to create her own beads, sequins and

embellishments. She has exhibited her work in shows and galleries across

the UK and Europe and shares her skills with schools, community groups

and organisations across the country. Her talk will explore her

non-traditional approach to textiles and the journey so far in her

artistic career. Read about Jessica's inspiring work here.

Monday 17th May

Please note this meeting has been moved from the 10th May!

"Creative Journeys"

by Shelley Rhodes

The presentation focuses on three areas:

1 Shelley’s personal creative journey from very early work, through to her

current practice

2 Shelley will show how her work follows a creative journey from an initial

idea, through collections, sketches, photographs, experimental pieces and

samples, towards a finished piece.

3 She will share her visual journals and sketchbooks to show some examples

of how she records a journey or holiday. 

Read about Shelley's fascinating talk here.



Monday 14th June
"Traditional Hand Embroidery in Detail”

by Auburn Claire Lucas


Through pictures of her work Auburn will demonstrate how she progressed

gaining in accuracy, preciseness and detail throughout her training. She

will share tips along the way, and end with techniques in embroidery she's

really passionate about - Whitework, Stumpwork and 18th Century

embroidery.  Read about Auburn's work here.



Monday 12th July
“A Picture and a Thousand Words”

by Effie Jessop

Effie uses hand embroidery to create portraits, often using counted thread

letters to build up the tonal effect. This combining of words and image allows

for two levels of the story to be told; do the words reveal something that

the picture was concealing, or reinforce what was already visible in the image?


Effie also creates line portraits celebrating moments that are usually personal

such as birth and breastfeeding, giving wall space to things that too often are

kept only in memories.  Read about Effie's amazing work here.


Monday 9th August
“Rags to Riches: Finding Inspiration from the past ”

by Maria Walker

When Maria Walker found a bundle of old letters in a Cheshire Antiques Centre

she embarked on a creative journey to tell the stories they contained. 

Read here about the amazing coincidence which led to an exhibition which travelled

round the UK highlighting the everyday experience of a working class family of 

100 years ago.

Monday 13th September “Paint with Thread”

by Emillie Ferris

During this talk Emillie will give an overview of her journey into painting

with thread.  She will discuss how she finds inspiration from the changing

seasons, as well as discussing how the slower pace of embroidery can

bring us joy. Read more about Emillie's amazing lifelike work here.




Monday 11th October
AGM and Members' Social Evening

The 2021 Annual General Meeting took place at 7.30pm at Tylers Green Village Hall

Due to the scheduled speaker being unavailable, it was a social evening for members

only, and was the only in-person meeting of the year.  Members brought along work they have 

completed during lockdown to "show and tell". Read more here.




Monday 8th November “Stitching the Forest Floor”

by Amanda Cobbett


Inspired by nature and her surroundings in the Surrey Hills, Amanda Cobbett’s fungi,

moss, lichen and bark embroideries are astonishingly realistic textile copies of the flora

found in the hidden understorey of the forest. In tonight’s talk Amanda will share her

artistic journey, her inspiration and influences and give you a glimpse into daily life

in the studio.  Read more here.



Monday 13th December "Down the Rabbit Hole"

by Claire Mort

Claire is an award winning British textile artist and has recently been featured on the

BBC2 Royal Academy Summer Exhibition Show.  Her work is held in collections in Europe,

Australia and the USA.  She is fascinated by women and their journey through life and

explores them through their stories true, perceived and otherwise.  Are we really a

product of our upbringing and environment and is change truly possible? Read about Claire's

rollercoaster journey to finding herself as a textile artist here.

CETG Hand Stitching Group
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