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Held on Zoom and led by our Chair

Pirkko Soundy


















At the talk on Finnish National Costume she gave on 8th February 2021, Pirkko showed a few of the colourfully embroidered pockets, which hang separately on top of the skirts.  Members suggested she should give a workshop, which led to two online sessions on 8th and 22nd May 2021, which were free for all CETG members, with recordings available for those who could not attend on the day. 


On the first workshop Pirkko began by showing us many examples of the pockets, explaining the patterns and colours used, which are based on traditional Scandinavian wool embroidery.  Three different pocket patterns based on these traditional designs were provided, but we were also encouraged to develop our own designs or adapt aspects of those pictured, using the materials we had to hand.  She also gave us guidance on the fabrics and threads to use, and demonstrated methods for transferring designs onto the material.


This workshop focused on the embroidery. Some of us spent the time in drawing up our designs, while others dived straight into the stitching. During this session a great time was had with some very entertaining stories being told!


On 22nd May the workshop began with everyone showing their progress since the previous session.  This time the focus was on turning the embroidery into a pocket, and Pirkko gave a brief explanation of how she had made her first one. We all began stitching and the amusing tales flowed.  By the end of the session not all had finished, but over the next few days we proudly shared pictures of our finished pockets.  Pirkko led by example, and completed all three of the designs she had provided to members.  These are pictured above, while pockets by other attendees are below.


In their own words, this is how much participants enjoyed the workshops:

  • A very enjoyable afternoon. Thank you very much Pirkko for your inspiration and for introducing us to the pocket designs and for showing us how to get started. 

  • The workshop was splendid; so well prepared and run.  It was lovely to join everyone for a nice sociable and productive time.

  • It was lovely just to sit stitching and chatting and share funny stories.








Words © Michaela Matza, Liz Wilmott, CETG members

Photos © Pirkko Soundy, CETG members

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