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Meeting on Saturday 12th August 2023

Celebrating embroidered table linen - a tea party


The Group got together to meet up with friends and to celebrate the neglected art of embroidered table linen.  We brought in pieces we had inherited, stitched ourselves or rescued, unloved, from charity shops.  Members stood up in turn to share stories about these beautifully worked tablecloths, napkins and runners.  We admired white Mountmellick and needlelace, crinoline lady designs popular in the 1930's, cutwork flowers, tiny intricate stitches in work brought back from the Far East, bouquets and blossoms both realistic and imagined in an array of all possible colours and designs.


There was also a selection of tablecloths for sale from a local charity shop, and several found new homes.  The Group bought a cloth covered in bunches of blue, purple and pink daisies to display on our welcome table at meetings.

And of course there was tea and a selection of delicious home-made cake to enjoy whilst chatting stitchery.  A great time was had by all. 

Words © Liz Wilmott/CETG 2023

Photos © Liz Smith/CETG 2023

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