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CETG Stitching Groups

The aim of our stitching groups is for members to meet regularly in each other's homes to share skills and ideas, and get to know each another while doing some stitching. Currently, CETG has three stitching groups. Below is a brief description of the first two groups along with photos of some of their work.  The third group is relatively recently formed, and is actively looking for new members.  All 3 groups spoke about their work in our May 2023 meeting, which you can read about here

Original CETG Hand Stitch Group


The first CETG hand stich group has been meeting monthly since 2012 and the photographs opposite are examples of some of the techniques they have tried. This group has enjoyed several outings, which include:

  • Witney Antique Samplers exhibition

  • Embroidery at Oxford Museum

  • London Fashion Museum

  • Aylesbury Embroiderers’ Guild Exhibition

  • V&A Opus Anglicanum


They have also organised one day workshops with outside tutors:

  • Sheena Norquay – colour gradation, circles and buttons

  • Marilyn Pipe - ribbon embroidery

At Christmas they have challenged each other with Secret Santa gifts, and presenting everyone with a bag containing 5 items, 4 of which must be used. The winter wreaths are from the “Embroidered Garden” by Kazuko Aoki, and many of the other items are from in-house demonstrations. Their next foray will be into canvaswork.

Second CETG Hand Stitch Group


This group was set up in late 2017, and works on collaborative projects. They have also had outings to exhibitions, and had members of the group demonstrating their own specialities – two highlights being Dawn’s natural dyeing day, and learning about Diane’s fabric scorching technique. The following are examples of the types of projects they have worked on:

Round Robin Shoebox

Each stitcher chose their own theme, such as “peacocks”, “red letter day” or a photo for inspiration, and provided a piece of fabric and a few threads and embellishments in a shoebox. The finished piece was to measure 8.5 by 6 inches (A5) and to use only four stitches - chain, fly, spider’s web (woven wheel) and Ghiordes knot (turkey stitch). Each box was circulated to a new person every month, for them to add some stitching and any of their own embellishments in addition to those supplied. The pieces worked their way back to the person who had suggested the theme for finishing as they wished.


Straight Stitch in Orange and Grey

This project was to be stitched on black fabric using only straight stitch and orange or grey threads of any type. The colours were inspired by the decor in Michaela’s kitchen! Each piece was to be 4 inches square. Within these limits, the pieces were all very different, with everyone in the group produced highly varied works. When all pieces were completed, they were stitched onto a grey fabric covered canvas by Dawn.


Braided Tyre Advertisement

The group chose a very interesting image for this project - an abstract photograph from an advertisement featuring tyres with braid representing the tread. The image was enlarged and cut into nine equal pieces, and each stitcher chose a piece at random. Everyone was given a piece of tea dyed calico and three threads: a fuchsia pink, a green and a gold which matched the photo, but otherwise was free to reproduce their segment as they wished. The aim was to recreate the image – original size, shape, colour and texture – and it was fascinating to see the different ways each stitcher achieved their effects. The large amount of black space and the unusual image caused us much discussion at our monthly meetings, but the results were really interesting!

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