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Botanical Contact Printing Workshop - 7th September 2019

This workshop was held in Great Kingshill Village Hall and was led by one of our members, Dawn Ramsay. 


Twelve ladies attended this fun and informative day. Dawn did several demonstrations and we learnt a lot about eco-friendly printing, including a whole new vocabulary of words like ‘fugitive dyes’, mordants and modifiers!  We used local foliage to transfer natural forms and texture to fabric by making up bundles with leaves, flowers and and even onion skins. Then with the use of heat we transferred the images onto silk and cotton fabric.  Everyone went home with a beautiful selection of unique fabric samples similar to the images below, and the general feeling was that it had been a fabulous day. Many thanks to Dawn for sharing her expertise.

From top left - acer leaves, various leaves including rose, acer leaves and ferns, and some rich colours from onion skins. 

acer leaves.jpeg
various leaves including rose.jpeg
colour from onion skins.jpeg
acer leaves and ferns.jpeg
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