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CETG Programme for 2020

Mon 13th January

Members Social Evening

Read about this meeting and view some photos of members enjoying each others company while working on their own projects.


Mon 10th February

“Working in Series” by Kate Findlay

An overview of Kate’s different styles of work over the last 15 years, including her Hadron Collider series, applique landscapes and most recent work.

Read about Kate's talk and view some photos taken on the evening.

Mon 9th March

“A New Way to Goldwork” by Georgina Bellamy 


A talk about the evolution of Georgina's 3D goldwork animals and new techniques with some overlay of traditional techniques for context. The talk will include lots of examples of her wonderful work along with the full story on how it developed.

Read about Georgina's talk and view photos taken on the evening.



Mon 20th April

"Traditional Hand Embroidery in Detail” by Auburn Claire Lucas

Through pictures of her work Auburn will demonstrate how she progressed gaining in accuracy, preciseness and detail throughout her training. She will share tips along the way, and end with techniques in embroidery she's really passionate about - Whitework, Stumpwork and 18th Century embroidery.


Mon 11th May

“My Journey with Felt” by Clare Bullock


Clare is a Feltmaker and textile artist. She discovered felt 10 years ago as a means of expressing herself and has never looked back. She now organises workshops at her own studio in Sharnbrook North Bedfordshire as well as travelling around the country as a guest tutor and speaker.


Mon 8th June

“Journey into the Unconventional” by Jessica Grady

Jessica is a mixed media embroidery artist who utilises waste and unconventional materials to create her own beads, sequins and embellishments. She has exhibited her work in shows and galleries across the UK and Europe and shares her skills with schools, community groups and organisations across the country.  Her talk will explore her non-traditional approach to textiles and the journey so far in her artistic career.



Mon 13th July

“Palenstinian Costume and Bethlehem Embroidery” by Deborah Mullins


Deborah will give an illustrated introduction to the traditional women’s dress of pre-1948 Palestine, set in its context, and an exploration of the tahriri embroidery used on Bethlehem dresses of the period and how it has inspired her own work.


Mon 10th August

“The Art of Paper and Stitch” by Jennifer Collier

Jennifer is a paper pioneer who creates exquisite sculptures from vintage recycled materials in conjunction with stitch - a contemporary twist on traditional textiles. The papers serve as both the inspiration and the media for the work, with the narrative suggesting the forms. Through this marriage of unlikely materials old papers are transformed into something truly unique, delicate and complex. To date, she has had her work featured in over 60 magazines and more than 15 books. Jennifer has exhibited in galleries such as the Museum of Art and Design, in New York, Liberty and the V&A.

Jennifer gave this talk to our group remotely, and the video was available for several weeks on our website. 


Mon 14th September

“An Introduction” by Jessa Fairbrother


An introduction to the practice of artist and QEST scholar Jessa Fairbrother, who combines hand-embroidery with her unique hand-made photographs.

Read notes taken during this online talk - many thanks to Jessa for making the recording of her talk available to all CETG members for 10 days afterwards.



Mon 12th October

"From Clay to Cloth" by Janet Edmonds


A respective look at how Janet got to where she is today - her journey from being a potter to working with cloth.

Read notes taken during this online talk.




Mon 9th November

“Fibres, Materials and Stitches” by Alison Ellen


Alison will talk about how knitted stitches can alter fabric, including using different stitches  to shape the knitting/garment and how different fibres also affect the way stitches work and the resulting fabric. She will include experiments in knitting with plant material.

Read notes taken during this online talk


Mon 14th December

“Before the Zip” by Towse Harrison


The invisible history of textiles and their makers:  Nowadays we tend to take clothing for granted, regarding it as easily available, cheap and disposable.  This talk re-introduces the 'invisible history' of cloth and weaving, using images to explain why cloth can show us so much about the past and how important it has been to world history. Read about the fascinating history of cloth here.

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