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CETG Pat Fleming Award 

The Pat Fleming Award was created in the 1980s to commemorate a CETG member who sadly died of cancer. A rose bowl was donated by Pat's husband and it was regularly awarded to the winner of a competition open to all members of CETG. The competition has been held approximately every two years around Christmas time, with a set theme which can be interpreted in any textile medium. Participants are allowed several months in which to finish their work and the winning piece is selected via an anonymous vote by members present at the relevant meeting. From 2017 onwards, it was decided that the winner is awarded book tokens, for which commemorative bookplates are provided.

Our 2019 Entries

winning entry .jpg
dragon flies.jpg

The winning entry this year - shown above - was by Judith McBride. Her piece was inspired by the shape of a tree reflected in four directions. 

garden with dragon fly.jpg
flowers and strawberry.jpg
autumn leaves.jpg
cells .jpg
king fisher.jpg
Midsummer nights dream 2 jpg.jpg
Midsummer nights dream.jpg
tree trunk.jpg
cactus flower.jpg
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